LED Optical Requirements Overview




Get Help writing an Optical Design Requirements – Design for Manufacturing

Need to put together and write an Optical Design Requirements document and not sure everything you need and how to produce a good?  We help you to ensure your optical requirements specification is produced so you can get an accurate and benchmark value optical design quote or put an optical design engineer to work defining a “Scope of Work” and in some cases actually programming the design.

Includes up to 20 hrs. of application engineering time to create framework on an optical requirements document (excluding 1-2 hrs of account service/management time).  Basic steps and requirements to source a custom design or take next steps towards feasibility stage or other design or development work product.

*50/50 deposit down to start and balance prior to Deliverable

Upon receiving your order inquiry you shall receive and email with attachments to helps us gather and source some technical information.  In addition we will follow-up with a short telephone conversation to calibrate understandings and expectations.  Upon Start Deposit received project begins and agreed upon timeline reporting provided.  First assessment feedback provided prior to final full report.  Availability will be provided upon balance payment received.

PARITY Design Requirements Guide XLS