Key Principles

Key Principles & Mindset

The Natural LAWS   ~   Reality TRIAD   ~   Your PENTA-Power   ~   Lifetime Value Theorem

Laws of Life

Recognize and don’t be ignorant to the various physical and nonphysical laws and theorems, knowing some of them are actually rather black and white. Life is learning how to navigate the grayscale of matter that life is usually really about.

Reality Triad

You can’t have everything without giving something up elsewhere.

Time – Talent – Treasury

Time – Quality – Cost

Your PENTA-Power


Penta (P5)  =  Product  x  People  x  Plan  x  Process  x  Profit

Lifetime Value Optimization Theorem

The Viability Mind Map

What it takes to go from Concept to ROI Reality after the Business Model Canvas has been defined…

What Goes In?