Group in Parity LLC

Group in Parity LLC, originally formed as thePARITYgroup in 1998 provides clients and partners specialized business services focused on product development, innovative design and engineering, production and supply chain problem solving to develop, launch and sell products related to controlling light in some way.

Our history of serving large and small companies, joint ventures and product or company start-up results from a network of resources, tools, techniques, processes and experience bringing solutions to various business functions including engineering and technologies, corporate and operational planning, sales/marketing/distribution, international relationships, logistics, and strategic measurement and management.


Group in Parity is a privately-held, independent owned and operated entity from the group of companies represented and partnered with.  Typically and in most cases the business transactions for group customers are handled directly with the provider of parts or services, yet in some cases Group in Parity LLC is engaged directly with customer on goods and services.