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Frequently Asked

Do you work with NDA's (non disclosure agreements)?

Yes, and we actually prefer to.  Request our straightforward truly mutual NDA or send us yours for review.  We like simple talk in agreements with rights and privileges extended to both parties.

What happens when I 'place an order'?

You get a response email and call to discuss and confirm our mutual expectations and deliverables.  We then initiate a private merchant processing email to you for you to handle the online secure server payment processing yourself, which triggers the start of the engagement.

Are you interested in Reseller/Partners for the Gobal Business Unites and Brands


Do I get to meet my technical experts and project staff?

Yes, you will e-meet via email, conference call/s and screen share video conferencing as appropriate.  Onsite with us or customer location can be discuss and arranged, with expenses appropriated.

What primary international cities can you serve from?

Domestic facilities and offices include Chicago, IL – Sacramento, CA and Detroit, MI areas with international partners in Toronto and Montreal, Canada along with Bangalore, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Geneva, Genoa in Italy and Frankfurt/Heidelberg, Germany.